RealiteQ system interface with GE system, Austria


A local distributor and integrator of GE control systems in Austria was looking for a real-time communications system that would transmit the data of the controllers he provides to Austrian municipal water and sewage authorities.

The challenge in this case was to be able, on one hand, to provide a comprehensive system (communications and UI) where needed, and on the other hand, to provide communications that interface with existing UI systems at the premises of other customers through a Reali OPC server.

In this case, RealiteQ is in effect a technology supplier for the integrator in this country, who receives a solution adapted to the specific needs of various customers, while interfacing with appropriate UI systems and end systems as needed.

Project Description:

In 2009 RealiteQ was asked to provide a solution for three sites in Austria for real-time monitoring and control of water systems controlled by GE controllers.

The systems were provided as part of a local integrator’s need to provide a complementary system of communication and remote control for the controllers he provided, which would be able to interface with existing systems of the municipal water and sewage corporations.

The distinction of RealiteQ’s solution is the versatility of the interface, which enables it to provide a solution in accordance with requirements, from a comprehensive solution including communications and UI, to a communications solution that interfaces with customers’ existing UI systems.

Prominent in this project was RealiteQ’s ability to remotely support an individual integrator and provide a reliable and versatile solution in relatively small quantities.

In light of the project’s success, the collaboration as continued, and there are currently, there are currently a few dozen sites active in Austria for municipal customers who receive real-time data for a variety of different UI systems, to the satisfaction of both the integrator and the customers.