Supply of drinking water to the city of Carmiel, Israel


RealiteQ was asked to provide a monitoring and operating solution for a relatively small corporation, which is only authorized to administer the Carmiel area, dealing primarily with operating and taking responsibility for the drinking water in the city and also taking some responsibility for the sewage stations.  

In order to control, know and handle the regular supply of water, a real-time monitoring system was required, working 24/7, in order to operate as quickly as possible in any event.

Project Description:

This project includes 3 sites, each containing a drinking water supply reservoir for the area around it.

A control panel with solar cellular units (R3.0) was installed at each site, with command and control, level measuring instrumentation and a voltage backup system using batteries.

The system knows how to measure the real water level accurately, thus controlling a suitable filling profile according to consumer demand, and to present data and to warn about any incident.

At each site there was a homeland security system, which only provided a local warning. It has also been connected to the new system, so that it can light up and warn about any incident involving security. 

Unique Capabilities:

The use of a cellular solution solved the communications problems that stemmed from infrastructure limitations and enabled interfacing the dispersed water and sewage systems (including HMS systems as aforementioned ), in an especially short time schedule (within a few days) and at low costs, since there was no need to construct a special immunizations infrastructure for a relatively small system.

Conclusion and Results:

The project became fully operational within a few weeks, and, in view of this, impressive operational streamlining has been achieved:

  • Routine data on the height of the water level in the reservoir. (In the past, the height of the water in each reservoir wasn’t known, and it was necessary to visit each site frequently – this problem has been resolved).
  • Filling the reservoir became an accurate and efficient operation, and avoided the intensive handling that had been necessary in order to service the previous filling valves.
  • In the event of an emergency, closing and emptying a reservoir by a remote rapid action is possible.
  • The warning reception system is organized for the corporation’s mobile devices.
  • Collecting and receiving organized historical reports about the various level conditions throughout the year.
  • The customer is satisfied and the systems are working well, without any need for special maintenance operations.
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